Snail Mail Project

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How old must I be to be a member?

You must be 18 years or older.

Is my information safe?

Yes! The only ones that will see your information is myself and certified members of The Snail Mail Project like yourself. Anyone that uses the information for reasons other than innocent correspondence will immediately have their access revoked and will be banned. The database is only for writing to others around the world, not to advertise, solicit, or harass. If you meet someone and fall in love, wonderful! But, this is not a dating service and do not join for that reason.

Why is there a fee to be a member?

The fee is to weed out individuals who aren't serious about the project and spammers. I believe if a fee is paid, even a small affordable one, I can provide you with safe and serious pen pals. The fee also covers the supplies, postage, and time that goes into the maintenance of the project and your welcome package. 

I don't have Paypal. 

If you are a member from The United States, you can fill out the form, print it out, and mail it to me with a check or money order for $5.50 payable to Cassie Swisher at:

The Snail Mail Project

c/o Cassie Swisher

7679 Balfour Avenue

Allen Park, MI 48101

You can also submit the form through the website, but select "Check is in the mail!" as your payment option.

I'm sorry, I cannot accept mail payments from members outside the U.S. at this time.