Snail Mail Project

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Become a Member

Become a Member

****As always, if you are referred by another member of the database, your membership fee is waived! The fee is to filter out the crazies and ill-intended people, so being referred means an existing member is certifying you're safe! If you are not referred and found The Snail Mail Project another way, the fee is $5.00*****

Fill out the form below, and you will receive be given access to the database. The database includes all active members and information about them for your perusal. You get to decide who to write to and others may write to you as well once they see you on the database. Access to the database will come in the email you provide in the questionnaire below. By answering the questionnaire below, you are consenting that your answers may be seen on the database.  

At the end of a 12-month period, you will receive another email asking if you would like to remain a member. There is not a renewal period, but you must reply to the email to remain on the database. This is to keep all entries on the database current. 

Don't have Paypal? If you are a U.S. member, please read FAQs above.

Thank you for your membership! You will receive an email from The Snail Mail Project shortly with access to the database. You will also receive a welcome package in the mail to your home!

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If using Paypal, please submit $5.00 payment to [email protected]